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Are you an aspiring scholar who writes increasingly in English in order to reach a wider audience for your academic articles?
Are you a professor trying to convert the elegance you write in German into refined text in English?
Are you interested in the kind of light copyediting that will make your text sound more natural and boost your core arguments without compromising your original voice and style?
Are you a German speaker whose English is excellent but as far as writing goes, your texts lack that finesse and flow needed to get published?
Do you have a small budget for proofreading/copyediting and want to make the most of your funds?
I’m the woman for you in your pursuit of an authentic voice in English!

This is specifically the experience that I’ve had in recent years. I combine a unique blend of proofreading and light copyediting for German-speaking scholars’ needs and have a proven track record in assisting professors in their efforts to write model, excellent academic articles.


Are you just beginning to write your article? Here are some important tips I have for you from the beginning!

1. Don’t say ‘the authors decided.’ You wrote this article, so you own it. There’s no need to write in the passive voice when it comes to identifying the parties behind the study. It not only sounds awkward but also 19th century. It’s also very uncommon in the English-speaking world to refer to anyone but “I” or “we” when referring to your work and what measures, methods, theories and other elements you applied in your pursuits.

2. You’re probably overusing the word ‘therefore’. There are plenty of better alternatives. For that reason, as a result, and on account of that — are at the top of my list.

3. You’re definitely not using enough transition words. Transition words are the nuts and bolts and screws holding up your arguments. Without proper transition words, your reasoning sounds barebones and in some cases, the whole meaning gets underemphasized or lost altogether.

4. Shorter sentences in no way detract from your logical reasoning! On the contrary, shorter sentences help drive home your point and communicate your arguments more effectively. It is in no way less academic to express yourself in succinct thoughts. Long sentences are definitely cumbersome and in some cases, confound matters entirely. Embrace succinct and powerful thoughts to help get your point across!

5. Don’t forget to introduce the quotes! Quotations cannot stand alone without a short introduction. You simply must say something in the same sentence leading up to the quote before you actually quote someone. It can be as simple as ‘Jones et. al made a compelling case when they mentioned: “____”’ or ‘Spellmann put it very well when he said: “____”.

6. Read plenty of academic articles written by native English speakers in the very journals that you would like to contribute to before you sit down to your own writing process. Highlight some phrases that you found very powerful and convincing and try to embrace them in your own way.

7. An occasionally informal tone does not have to convey unacademic approach in any way. On the contrary, an occasional burst of colloquialism ⎯ especially when you’re summarizing several ideas or providing the core analysis ⎯ can help highlight your point in a very lucid and vigorous way.

8. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater in that way, however, by adopting elements that are definitively too informal, such as the ampersand- & - does not belong in an academic text! It only belongs in a text message or in a big banner advertising the Barnum & Bailey Circus!

9. Consider embracing the em dash - .. Here is the full explanation as to when you can use it. LINK. It’s one of my favorite tools for including extra information in a way that helps the reader digest the whole thought as best as possible. The em dash is like an enzyme for your mind consuming a lot of diverse kinds of brain food.

10. Semi-colons do not replace transition words. Your two thoughts might be related and one thought might even feed directly into the next. Simply connecting them with a semi-colon, however, in no way allows you to get out of using transition words! Semi-colons are to be used very sparingly, as a result.

About English Proofreading Studio

My english proofreading services are designed for professors, PhD candidates, research students, and students across all academic spectra, as well as marketing writers, aspiring creative writers, bloggers, and journalists.

Jennifer Marie Schneider Granić
Bringing your text up to par for publication is a monumental task. The research, data collection, statistical analyses, amongst other things, altogether amount to a huge endeavor and require enormous commitment. Dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the English language on top of all that presents a unique additional obstacle for those non-native English speakers. There is nothing like asking yourself not only whether your basic argument is coming across, but also whether what you’ve said is correct and proper English.
This is where my job comes in. With my trained eyes, sharp senses, and passion for language, I will lovingly comb through your text looking for the errors which I may iron out with expert skill. I am hardly satisfied with a text being correct however. Instead, I insert the extra oomph and zest which your text may need in order to be truly effective, meaningful, and powerful.
שירותי הגהה ועריכה ברמה מעולה של טקסטים אקדמיים באנגלית

אני מספקת שירותי הגהה ותיקון טקסטים אקדמיים באנגלית. כמורה אמריקאית בווינה, אוסטריה, ומתוך הכשרתי בכתיבה ובמדע המדינה, אני עובדת בדייקנות,בעקביות, ותוך תשוקה לכתיבה, ו, כך שעבודתך תבלוט בעיני עמיתיך והמרצים בדיוק ובחן. תשוקה ארוכת שנים לכתיבה מאפשרת לי לספק מרכיב נוסף של דקדקנות ואהבה לעבודתי. זכיתי בפרס הראשון על כתיבה יצירתית בגיל 12 והמשכתי בהצלחה מוכחת בכתיבה אקדמית שמאפיינת את כתיבתי בדיוק המקסימלי ובתשומת לב לפרטים הקטנים. לפיכך, התזה שלך בידיים טובות! 
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Hello and Welcome!

English Proofreading and Copy Editing for Bachelors thesis, Masters thesis, PhD dissertation, articles for publication

superior english proofreading and editing services
ISRAEL's best
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Nice to meet you!

I will be happy to read through your text with a fine-toothed comb!

Jennifer Marie Schneider Granić
Copy Editing Director
proofreading, proofread, Copyediting, proof reading, Copy Editing, proofreaded, Correction, Writing, Native Speaker, English,  English proofreading

Your text is in good hands!

If it's written down, it might as well be written well!

authentic American English
world-class standard
The proofreading promise

My excellent all around writing skills often shine through in my services, as, I aim not only to bring my clients' work to a correct and readable level, but also, wherever possible, edit so that the language becomes truly natural, expressive, and powerful. That’s my proofreading promise.


Let me make your text shine!

Jennifer Marie Schneider Granic
Superior proofreading and correction of English academic texts by American English teacher/Political Scientist/writer based in Vienna, Austria.
With utmost precision, passion, and persistence, your work will stand out to your colleagues or professors with rigor, exactitude, and grace.

Let me find the genius in your ideas communicated in English!

Jennifer Marie Schneider Granić
Superior proofreading and editing of English academic texts.

Editing is built into my proofreading services in one package. While proofreading focuses on correcting errors and making the text readable, editing is concerned with varying word choice, employing

collocations and other techniques to make the language natural and where possible, the argument or selling point stronger for a native English speaking audience. There is no extra charge for the extra finesse. Obviously the further along your text is on its own, the higher the level which I may contribute to produce an amazing result.

Passion is pored into each word choice!

Jennifer Marie Schneider Granić
A life­long passion for writing enables me to bring an extra element of scrupulousness and love to my work.
My first creative writing award was won at the age of 12.

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

Mark Twain
Proven excellence in academic writing also renders my work maximum accuracy and attentiveness.
Your thesis is thus in good hands!

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2. Copy Edit & Correct

3. Proofread

4. Product


Past and present clients of my proofreading/editing services include:

Why Choose My Services?

We're precise

We pore over your every word quite literally. Each sentence matters. We leave no sentence or clause untouched by careful analysis.

We're native speakers

We have grown up in monolingual English speaking environments --primarily the United States-- and studied at universities in the English-speaking world. Our brains tick, sleep, and dream in English in all its facets and flavors.

We're excellent writers

We have proven excellence in academic and creative writing, including awards, publications, and honors bestowed from childhood onwards. We have gone to creative writing workshops, served as editors of school or university newspapers, and written regular blogs. We love the written word and cannot live without expressing ourselves in writing.

We're punctual

We take deadlines seriously and work the irregular hours it takes to meet them. We do what it takes to finish on-time, if it means working collaboratively.

We offer reasonable proofreading prices

Our prices are below the international average and entirely reasonable. Payment is easy via paypal or bank transfer.

Communication with us is easy and fast

Your inquiry will be answered within hours. Email communication proceeds in the first instance as often as it takes. Skype conversation is also available for working out more difficult questions regarding intended meaning in a text.

What do people say?

ג'ני הייתה העורכת הלשונית של התזה שלי אשר נכתבה בשפה האנגלית. ללא עבודתה הקפדנית והיצירתית, אני בספק שהייתי מצליח להגיש את התזה ברמה נאותה ובוודאי שלא הייתי זוכה בכל השבחים להם זכיתי מאנשי האוניברסיטה. מבחינה זאת, אני חייב חלק ניכר מהמחמאות שקיבלתי על הטקסט לג'ני. טענותיהם של אנשי האוניברסיטה כי העבודה נכתבה בשפה קולחת שלא שהקלה על הקריאה, אלא אף שאבה את הקורא פנימה משקפות את כישרונה הרב של ג'ני. מעבר לכך, אני חייב לציין גם את המחיר הזול יחסית שג'ני גובה עבור שירותיה, באופן שמאפשר גם לסטודנטים לזכות בשירותי העריכה המצוינים של ג'ני. מה עוד, שלאורך העבודה המשותפת עמה על העבודה, ג'ני הפגינה יחס חברותי ואדיב שהקל מאוד על התהליך. בקיצור, אני ממליץ על ג'ני בחום!!!  

What do people say?

Jenni was editor of my master's thesis, which was written in English. Without her rigorous and creative work, I doubt I would have been able to submit the thesis at the proper level, and certainly I would not have won any acknowledgments from the university. In this respect, significant part of the compliments I received belong to Jenni. University officials' claims that the work was written in fluent language that drew the reader into the text. I believe that this is also a reflection of the great talent of Jenni. Beyond that I must note the relatively cheap price for Jenni services, enabling even students like myself to gain the excellent  editorial services that Jenni provides. What's more, working along with her work, Jenny was friendly and courteous in a way that greatly facilitated the process. 

What do people say?

Your review helped a lot to improve the language of my manuscript and to finally get it published. The detailed feedback on english wording and grammar was very helpful for writing further English texts.

What do people say?

Jenni help me proofread two articles in the past two years. now, one is published on a journal, another is under review. after jenni‘s help, the comment about articles’ language has never mentioned by the journals' editor and reviewers.

What do people say?

I have enlisted Jenni's proofreading services several times and I was always very happy with her work. She has for example proofread an outline for a research project of mine and an article for publication. Regarding the article, she not only proofread and edited the text; in addition, she checked the German-English translations of selected interview excerpts. She was accurate with both the meaning and the spirit of the translation. I always very much appreciated her work - she replies swiftly, is a flexible and reliable person and shows a high degree of professionalism. I am looking forward of staying in touch with her.

What do people say?

I was always very happy with her work. She has for example proofread I was very satisfied with Jennifer's highly professional proofreading and editing services. She does pay attention to every detail but at the same time is able to work really fast, which is something very unique. Highly recommended!"

Pricing Packages

Service includes:
  • 3 complete read-throughs of all texts
  • 1 opportunity for reader to respond to questions and comments before final version is prepared
  • Correction of grammatical errors, improvement of faulty and/or lacking transition phrases, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, sentence sprawling, misplaced or dangling modifiers, faulty parallelism, unclear pronoun reference, incorrect pronoun case, omitted or superfluous commas, comma splicing, apostrophe and possession errors, misspelling according to either standardized U.S. or U.K. convention, mechanical quotation errors, missing or unnecessary capitalization, faulty shift in verb tense, wrong or missing verb ending or preposition
  • as well as improvement of word choice, strategic placement of illustrative idiomatic expression or paragraph separation
Service Does Not include:
    • verification of potential usages of plagiarism
    • correction of matters in style according to academic style guide other than the MLA Handbook or Chicago Manual of Style
Express Service:

A text which needs proofreading/editing services in a short period of time, ergo express option, is defined as follows:

    • text of 10 pages or less with deadline 3 days from order
    • text of 11-30 pages with deadline 10 days from order
    • text of 31-60 pages with deadline 2 weeks from order
    • text of 61+ pages with deadline 20 days from order
  • 3 complete read-throughs of all texts
  • 1 opportunity for reader to respond to questions and comments before final version is prepared
  • Free Support
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  • 3 complete read-throughs of all texts
  • 1 opportunity for reader to respond to questions and comments before final version is prepared
  • Free Support
per word or ca. EUR11€ per 450 words
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We accept Bank Transfer as Payment Method


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