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I call 'back home' Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music and evangelical Christian publishing--neither of which I've ever had an awful lot to do with. A good Patsy Cline rhythm or spirited gospel make the hairs on my arm stand up with a feeling of warmth and wholesomeness nevertheless. That feeling actually tends to grow the longer I'm away.
I studied international politics on a Tennessee plateau. Sewanee is a serene place with abundant trees and hills, pea gravel sidewalks as large as the streets, and the kind of architectural uniformity one more often finds in the medieval villages of England. We read John Locke in the courtyard, enacted the North Korean peace talks in tall oak chairs in the library, and wrote essays as an exercise in persuasion.
I have my professors to thank for compelling me to think beyond that plateau, and the university itself for enabling my pursuits in research which led me to the old continent.
I've been variously studying and teaching in Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria for the better part of the past ten years. It's anti-discrimination politics and multiculturalism theory which rile me. Ask me about it and I'll tell you a story.
These are far more details than you'd ever hear me say in a classroom. I rather think of learning a language like learning to drive a car. I'm only there to steer you in the right direction and give you fodder for practice, but it's you who must drive.
A life-long love of writing poetry and prose allow me a certain passion for language which I most readily share with anyone who shows interest. Writing is my lifeblood and reason for being here on earth.
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What do people say?

Your review helped a lot to improve the language of my manuscript and to finally get it published. The detailed feedback on wording and grammar was very helpful for writing further English texts.

Why Choose Me?

I'm an excellent writer

I have proven excellence in academic and creative writing, including awards, publications, and honors bestowed from childhood onwards. I have attended creative writing workshops, served as editors of school and university newspapers, and written regular blogs. I love the written word and cannot live without expressing myself in writing.

I'm a native speaker

I grew up in monolingual English speaking environment in the United States and studied at universities in the English-speaking world. My brains ticks, sleeps, and dreams in English in all its facets and flavors.

Communication with me is easy and fast

Your inquiry will be answered within hours. Email communication proceeds in the first instance as often as it takes. Skype conversation is also available for working out more difficult questions regarding intended meaning in a text.
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